The Music of Eddie Walker, jr.

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       Eddie Currently Has A Hit Song On Reverb nation! Click the picture below!

Go to the Music & Podcast Page to Download a Free Copy of Eddie's Current Internet Hit, "Pretty Island Wahine", the song you are hearing in the background of this page. It was written, performed and sung by Eddie. Enjoy!


Contributions in the arts, through  musical compositions, and performance.
Pretty Wahine

           Hawaii Ola Pono Recipient

"To See a Dream. To Sing the Song. A Dream Comes True From me 2 You, Today, Today, Today. Looking around and trying to find my life. Wondering where the answer lies. Giving love through a song to follow through. And believing in tomorrow." EJW
If you can see the light. We can show the way. We can get you there, if you dare, ok? Hey, hey, we're trying to find you, hey, hey, to flying to bind you, hey, hey, Destination, all the way....." EJW

           Check out the Music Podcast page, for more original/free music. Enjoy!!!

Some of the instruments Eddie's used for his studio recordings

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